Fast, Safe and Effective Lice Treatment

Lice Clinics of America is the best lice solution to free your family from a scratchy head. Not only do we have the perfect solution to rid lice, but also it is quick, safe, and easy! Furthermore, with the Signature AirAllé® full-service lice treatment, we are so confident it will work that we will re-treat you for free if your treatment fails *conditions may apply

check for head lice

SCREENING (the first step)

Our clinicians will carefully inspect the hair and scalp. If they confirm an active case of head lice and the patient chooses a treatment plan, Lice Clinics will waive the screening fee. Because lice spread quickly throughout a household, it is crucial that everybody gets checked to ensure nobody else has an active case.

airalle treatments in clinic

Signature AirAllé® Treatment

Our best lice treatment option. It is a 3 step process that includes a 30-minute AirAllé® treatment, a 30-60-minute comb-out to remove the dead lice and eggs, and an oil application. This full-service treatment option ensures that you leave lice free, with no follow-up appointment needed. With a success rate of over 99%, we are so confident in our lice treatment that we offer a 30-day service re-treatment policy* provided that Lice Clinics has screened all family members, and they are treated as necessary.

*In the unlikely event of treatment failure, we will re-treat you for FREE!

airalle treatments


This option includes a 30-minute AirAllé® treatment and a 10-minute comb-out to remove some of the dead lice and dehydrated eggs. For those who want the professional heated air treatment, but can commit to completing additional combing and oil applications at home, this is the budget minded option. No re-treatment policy offered with this option.

Comb out treatment for head lice


Lice Clinics does not recommend the AirAllé® treatment for children under four, or for clients who cannot receive the the AirAllé® treatment. In these cases, we recommend a strand by strand, traditional comb-out treatment to remove lice and eggs. Also, it is essential that you are only using our non-toxic products. This treatment option requires all of the following: an at-home comb-out kit, 30 minutes of combing every day for 10 days, an oil application on day 5 and day 10, and an in clinic recheck on day 11. We do not offer our re-treatment policy for this service.

* 1-hour minimum. Additional combing billed in 15 minute increments.

mom performing a do it yourself treatment for head lice


Our most affordable treatment option! Items in the kit include a number of topical products, a professional lice comb, and detailed instructions on how to properly perform the comb-out. Since most parents are not experienced with lice-removal, the D-I-Y lice removal kit takes substantially more time than a professional treatment. The parent will need to perform several follow-up procedures during the next 11 days.

*PLEASE NOTE: The AirAllé® device cannot be used to treat persons who cannot sense temperature or pain; who cannot communicate physical discomfort; who have open head wounds, sores, or visible signs of skin or scalp abnormalities; who have received radiation treatment of the head within the last 6 months; who have cranial or facial implants; children under the age of 4; or who have hair that cannot be combed through with a standard comb.

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