Head Lice Screenings  and Comb Outs

What’s going on in your head? If you’ve been itching and scratching for days on end, it may be time that you start checking for lice. Head lice are tiny insects that live in hair. Nits are the empty egg cases attached to hair that head lice hatch from. Head lice are a common problem, particularly in school children aged 4-11. They’re largely harmless, but can live in the hair for a long time if not treated and can be irritating and frustrating to deal with. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Medway for a lice screening: It’ll be quick and easy!

Size and color of lice

Head lice can be difficult to spot, even when the head is closely inspected. They’re very small whitish or grey-brown insects that range from the size of a pinhead to the size of a sesame seed. This makes checking for lice on your own a hard task. It’s always good to see a professional if you suspect you may have lice. 

Do lice itch?

The most common symptom of any type of lice is itching. Lice bites cause an allergic reaction that causes this itchy feeling. Feeling the urge to scratch your head frequently can be a sign you need to check for lice. However, you may not notice any symptoms for up to six weeks the first time you get lice. This makes it a tricky thing, since few people would go to a lice clinic for a random screening. If you’ve associated with anyone that you know has recently been infected with lice, it would do you well to get a checkup, even if you don’t feel itching (yet). Catching it early is always a good move. 

Other signs

A tickling feeling of something moving on your head, hair, or body. You may also notice the appearance of lice eggs, or small white objects in your hair that you aren’t able to brush out. If you see this, then you know it’s time to get to a clinic for a quick and easy removal. Not only can they check to see if you do indeed have lice (a final confirmation is necessary before removal), but they can rid you of it in a quick painless process. 

How to be sure?

The only way to be sure someone has head lice is to find a live louse by combing their hair with a special fine-toothed comb. At Lice Clinics of America this is the absolute first step we take to determine if an infestation is present before treating. Checking for lice, along with removing it, is quick and easy. Lice is annoying and irritable, but that doesn’t mean its treatment has to be. 

To check for lice at home

Checking for lice at home is easy. Get your child’s hair wet in order to slow the lice down. Use a fine-toothed comb to part your child’s hair, then shine a bright light onto their scalp. If your child has lice, you’ll notice small, brown insects the size of sesame seeds moving around or nits that look like they’re cemented onto individual hairs. Not a pretty sight, but it explains the source of itching. From then on, take your child to Medway for a painless removal. 

Come in for a lice check by our trained professionals

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